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Activities(Summer season)

Lakes and Rivers

Lakes and RiversThere are 3 beautiful lakes and lots of rivers and creeks in Hakuba. They are all great for swimming and fishing. My personal favorite for swimming is Aokiko (blue tree lake) it is quite deep but beautifully blue and clear. There are no motor boats allowed, so the water stays beautiful and clear and you don't have to worry about getting run over by boats when your swimming.It is also very popular for canoeing and kayaking, which can both be rented at the lake.

Lakes and RiversThe next lake is smaller and quite popular for fishing and Kizaki the third lake is the largest and is very popular with fishermen, water skiers and wake boarders. The rivers are also very popular for families to go swimming and fishing. The water is a lot shallower than the lakes and there are a lot of trout and mountain fish.


HikingThe mountains around Hakuba are very popular all year round for hiking and mountain climbing. The views from the peaks are amazing and there are lots of glaciers to see. There is also a lake above Happo One which is very popular for day trippers in summer. Hiking is considered a summer sport but some experienced climbers do climb in winter. If you do wish to attempt it in winter I would advise you have a local guide because there is very deep snow and avalanches are common.

Mountain biking

Hakuba has heaps of mountain bike trails to chose from or you can make your own. Some ski resorts will allow you to load your bike into the gondola, so that way you can just enjoy the ride down. It is also a nice way to explore the town. Mountain bikes can be rented in Hakuba along with helmets and other gear. Professional guides can also be arranged.

Paragliding and ballooning

Paragliding and ballooningHakuba is one of the most popular places in Japan to go paragliding. Each day in summer they can be seen floating down to earth. You can book tandem flights and just sit back and enjoy the fantastic mountain views or if you wish to get more hands on you can enroll in a half or full day instructional program. Another good way to see the scenery, without having your feet dandling from the sky, is in a hot air balloon. You are tethered to a rope so you don't have to worry about floating away.

Canyoning and Rafting

Canyoning and RaftingOne of the most popular summer sports in Hakuba is canyoning. There are lots of waterfalls to climb and slide down, as well as flying foxes and deep pools to jump into. It's a great way to stay cool in summer. Rafting is also another popular choice, with technical grade two rapids and the great mountain views, your sure to have a lot of fun. If your after lots of water and big thrills, June and July has the highest rainfall.

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