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Activities(Winter season)

There are many different things to do in winter. There are 7 major ski resorts in the area, with runs for the inexperienced to professional.There are ski parks with half pipes, big kickers and many other features.There are day care facilities for children at most of the ski fields and English speaking ski and snowboard lessons for the beginners.

Happo One

Happo One is the largest ski field in the area. It is also one of the most popular and well known ski areas.It hosted many events for the 1998 winter Olympics. This is my personal favorite, it has many long steep runs for the advanced skier and nice and wide practice runs for the beginners.5 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.

Hakuba 47 and Goryu

These two ski fields are joined together at the top. There are two gondolas and a great terrain park. The more advanced runs get quite steep but Goryu has a lot of wide gentle slopes for beginners. These two ski fields are really popular with snowboarders. 5 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.

Hakuba Iwatake

This ski field is great for the beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. It has nice and wide runs with some "cool" banks which can be great fun to carve up.Iwatake has a small park at the top with a quarter pipe, kickers and rails.This one is great for families as well.7 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.

Tsugaike Kogen

This resort is famous for its wide groomed runs. It is not the steepest ski field in the area, but I have to say it's very highly regarded as one of the best in town.This resort has many lifts and the lines aren't usually as long on the holidays as some of the other resorts. Tsugaike has some of the best back country skiing in the area.15 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.

Hakuba Cortina/ Hakuba Norikura

Hakuba Norikura 

These two resorts are connected together.They are a little further away but the snow quality is very good and they don't get as crowded as some of the other resorts in Hakuba. Some of the runs are quite steep up to 42 degrees but there are runs to suit all levels. It is also one of the cheapest ski resorts in the area.20 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.

Hakuba Cortina
Hakuba Cortina

Hakuba Highland

This is a small resort with only 4 runs and two lifts but it is good for beginners with the steepest slope being 24 degrees. It is more popular with boarders with a 60%-40% mix.It is also very close to the center of town.It is cheaper compared to some of the larger resorts.5 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.


Sun Alpina Aokiko/ Sanosaka/ Kashimayari

Aokiko is closed

These 3 resorts are all connected and they have fantastic views overlooking the lake.They have good park facilities and there are runs for all levels. If you are interested in rails and table tops and that sort of thing you will have a blast at this ski field. This resort has some of the longest rails in Hakuba.15 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.


This is another small ski field just outside Hakuba.It is really popular with park boarders with 70% of the people there being snowboarders. They have a great park facility which includes a 80m half pipe, a quarter pipe, one makes, banks, boxes, spine hips, waves, rails and a canyon jump.And the best thing is it's dead cheap.15 min away from Tirol no kaze by shuttle bus.

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